Legislation changes

There has been ongoing chatter for some time about changes to the strata legislation and there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the new by-laws, the ability to sell to a developer by a Special Resolution and not a Unanimous Resolution.

The legislation while passes was to take effect after 1st July 2016, this has now been pushed to September as the Regulations have not been finalised.

Within this entry we would like to address some misconceptions about Strata Manager and Repairs and Maintenance.

Is there a difference between Building Managers, Caretakers and Strata Managers?

Building Managers

A Building Manager will oversee the building maintenance, repairs and upgrades, i.e. be a site contact for contractors. They rarely undertake cleaning activities and focus on maintenance, asset and key/security fob registers and building security.


A Caretaker looks after the day to day work around the property, including cleaning, requests for keys and maintaining a key/security fob register. They will show contactors the area(s) where the works are required, however generally do not supervise the contractors, as is the case with a Building Manger.

Strata Managers

A Strata Manager sits outside the role of a Building Manger and Caretaker, but works closely with them to ensure the smooth operation of the common property. A subtle but considerable difference is that a strata manager is not onsite and does not manage contractors undertaking any work on, or around the common property.

The strata manager will focus more on financial/compliance with the Strata Schemes Management Act and its Regulation.